• Short Game Lessons

    Diagnose and cure what's wrong with your bunker play ... your pitching and chipping ... and your putting in just 10 minutes.

  • Perfect Impact

    Make solid, consistent impact with your irons.

  • How to Break 90

    It might sound silly, but the difference between hitting 100 and breaking 90 is as simple as cutting unnecessary strokes.

  • Achieve Maximum Distance

    Learn some simple methods to increasing the distance you hit virtually every club in your bag - your driver, your fairway woods, your hybrids, your long irons - ALL will show significant distance increases if you follow these simple steps.

Golf Tip - Rotation of the Downswing

Get the Proper Feel of the Downswing This drill will give you the proper feel for rotation in the downswing and keep you from coming across the top. With your feet and knees together; you will keep from turning incorrectly in the downswing. Get a Perfect Swing with Bobby Eldridge's DVD "The Full Swing" Read More »

Update on Hover Craft Golf Cart

By Lisa Hagen. It’s been over a year since Bubba Watson teamed with Oakley to create a HoverGolf Cart and an internet sensation all at the same time. The prototype Hover’s viral video showed the machine gliding over water hazards and across greens, outracing traditional carts and just plain looking cool. They boasted that you ... Read More »

Golf Pressure Big for Cheyenne Woods

By Lisa Hagen. It’s one thing to calm the nerves to pull off a big win in professional golf; it’s another thing to be set up as the “next big thing” on the tour; it’s yet another thing to be related and share the last name of one of the demi-gods of golf. This is ... Read More »

Golf Video Tip - Stop Double Hitting

Golf Video Tip - Stop Double Hitting Here is a great fix for that! Always keep the handle of the club closest to the hole. By keeping the handle out in front, you will find that you will not double hit the ball. Get Bobby Eldridge's Complete Golf Instruction DVD set and fix your golf ... Read More »

Drill to Stop Swaying

Drill to Help Stop Swaying when Hitting a Pitch Put a golf ball under the outside of your right foot. And go through your normal pitching routine. If you sway your weight back, you'll lose your footing and stop your swing. If you aren't swaying in the backswing, you'll be able to hit the pitch ... Read More »

Preventing Golfer's Elbow

By Lisa Hagan. - If you’re over 40 or just play a lot of golf, you may have had the unpleasant experience of golf elbow. Golf elbow differs from tennis elbow in that the pain is on the inner side of your elbow, where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to the bony bump ... Read More »

Jordan Spieth, A Rising Star

By Lisa Hagan. - Zach Johnson was the big winner at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions held at the Plantation course in Maui this weekend. It’s his third win in six starts -a phenomenal streak. But one shot behind was a player creating his own phenomenon - 20 year old Jordan Spieth, who missed the ... Read More »

Golf's Wrap Around Season

By Lisa Hagan. We are about 2 months into the new “wrap around” PGA season. That’s a season that starts in October of 2013 and finishes in September of 2014. The European tour has been doing it for years but this is the first foray for the PGA. The six tournaments teeing off in the ... Read More »

Belly Up and Anchors Away

By Lisa Hagen. Last year’s proposed ban on anchored putting has still not calmed down. The USGA, R & A and, after waffling back and forth, The PGA Tour have now agreed that anchored putters will be gone by January 2016. But why all the fuss now? The anchored putter has been around since the ... Read More »

Rory Roars Back at Australian Open

By Lisa Hagen. It has been a 12 month winless drought for Rory McIlroy until this past weekend’s triumphant return to the trophy table. He defeated  hometown boy Adam Scott on the final hole of the Emirates Australian Open with a dramatic 15 foot birdie putt. But if you have followed the media over the ... Read More »

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