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Dubbed Chip Shot

photo credit: mrnoy9n     A dubbed chip shot from off the green, can not only cause great embarrassment but it can  rattle your confidence for the remainder of the round.   It all starts when the clubhead hits the ground before the ball and bounces into the center of the ball.   The ball ... Read More »

Chipping With the Hybrid

photo credit: mrnoy9n     One of the most popular shots on the PGA Tour is the hybrid or five-wood, chip shot.   This is the ideal shot when faced with a fluffy lie, just off the green, with plenty of green between the golf ball and the pin.   With a conventional chip-shot, it ... Read More »

Penalty Strokes

photo credit: Kelowna09     Sometimes, you have to take your   medicine and go quietly.   Shooting good scores isn't always about playing well, it's also about using  good judgement. How many times have you found yourself stymied behind an immovable object?   Did you make the right choice by taking a drop with ... Read More »

Deep Rough

photo credit: akeg     The objective of coming out of deep rough is to control the ball so it lands softly on the putting surface.   The ball should land on the fringe or the  very edge of the green and roll to the cup.   Quitting on a shot like this is very ... Read More »

Solid Putting Stroke

photo credit: tienvijftien     There are several important factors involved if you intend to be a successful putter.   You need a stroke that delivers the putter to the back of the ball on the correct line.   The putter-face has to be square and it has to be traveling at the right speed. ... Read More »

Judging the Speed

photo credit: jlastras     Putting is the easiest part of the game to practice, where improvement can occur the quickest with the least amount of effort.   Judging speed is the secret to good putting.   Speed is the determining factor as to the read and break of all putts. The first step in ... Read More »

GOLF MAGAZINE 2009 Survay Part ll

photo credit: richardmasoner     77% of American golfers  said their favorite Major is the Masters.   75%  would skip a major life event to play Augusta National GC.    Tiger is chasing Jack's record for Major wins, 53% are  rooting for Tiger.   57% said they would be willing to play Augusta with their ... Read More »

GOLF MAGAZINE 2009 Survey Part l

photo credit: richardmasoner     Statistics from a recent GOLF MAGAZINE survey:   Average American golfer is:   46 yrs. old, practices 1 hr. per week, plays 46 rounds per year, handicap of 15.1, has played for 23 yrs., household income of  $100,980.   37% believe they can play better with a drink or two. ... Read More »

New Irons for 2010

photo credit: andrea.pacelli     Titleist AP1,   Retail -  $699 steel ($899  graphite)  - thinner face and smaller blade length and less offset than the previous model, featuring  a 65-gram tungsten-nickel bar along the sole for a lower COG.   Cleveland CG7 BP,   Retail - $699 steel ($799 graphite) -  same chassis as ... Read More »

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