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Max-Distance-ProdShots Trouble-Shots-ProdShots Swing-Plane-ProdShots Seniors-ProdShots SG-Drills-ProdShots Putting-ProdShots PrecisionPutting-ProdShots Pitching-ProdShots Perfect-Impact-ProdShots Max-Distance-ProdShots HTB90-ProdShots FS-Lessons-ProdShots FS-Drills-ProdShots Driver-ProdShots Draw-ProdShots Bunker-ProdShots Pitching-ProdShotsfull-swing-dvd

 (and that isn't even all of them!)

We provide you with powerful marketing funnels to promote.  Our two most successful starting places currently are either a promotion of our Full Swing Fundamentals eBook or our Putting Fundamentals eBook.

After a free download, we have pre-built marketing series that encourage a purchase of an entry DVD, then upsell to DVD packages that relate to the initial topic. For example, if a client buys the Full Swing DVD, we upsell a package of Full Swing Lessons and Full Swing Drills.  They are then put into our long term drip campaign where over years of time you are offered every single golf improvement product we have, including our Academy which is a recurring revenue opportunity.

And, as the affiliate that introduced this person to us, you get commissions for life on their sales!

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Simply fill in the form below to get started.  You will then be given instructions on how to generate tracking links and resources you can use to promote our products.  If you have questions at any time please contact tbales (at) - our affiliate manager.

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