How to Hit a Draw

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  • How to Hit a Draw
  • How to Hit a Draw

How to Hit a Draw

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Add distance and consistency to your long game by learning what some have called the most powerful shot in golf – the Draw. We’ve all played rounds with a golfer who knows how to draw and fade the ball. They play dog legs with consistency. They hit the ball further than us. And they play both sides of the fairway. Be one of those people by learning how to hit a draw with this simple to follow, easy to remember instructional DVD.

The Draw is the most powerful shot in golf. It can add distance to your drives and cure you of slicing. In this DVD, Bobby Eldridge, the PurePoint Golf Head Professional, will take you step by step through the Draw swing in an easy to follow manner that will have you hitting draws on your very next round. Here is a small sample of what you will learn:

• How an article of clothing – one you’re probably wearing right now – can help you make sure your swing is correct.
• How one part of your club could be the reason you’re slicing the ball – and what to do about it.
• How two knuckles on one hand can make the difference between a draw and a slice.
• The only time you can legitimately use three clubs at once and how that can make your aim foolproof.
• The secret the pros use to get extra power (and extra distance) into every shot.

Chapter List

  • Grip
  • Alignment
  • Address
  • Backswing
  • Swing Path
  • Follow Through
  • Review
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